Consultancy to help you flow

Is your team burning out?

Is your team performing complex, painful deployments outside of business hours that result in high stress and feelings of lack of control?

Are your teams feeling burned out by work overload or a break down of community?

If you asked your team “is your work having a negative impact on your life?” would they say yes?

Our consultants may be able to help by offering insights into alternative ways of working that will alleviate these issues and bring your team closer together.

Focus on modern, agile ways of working

Our consultants focus on helping your business to adopt modern, agile ways of working that have been proven to improve the flow of work through organisations.

Whether you need guidance on working in small batches, making the flow of work visible, gathering and harnessing customer feedback or performing experiments our consultants have the skills your team needs to make it happen for you.

Take a look at how we helped PureGym change the way they work: Team Topologies @ PureGym

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