Training for the whole team

Training for the whole team

Conjurer Solutions can provide training solutions for your cross functional teams, whether you need a basic introduction to lean principles, an overview of continuous delivery/integration practices or a deep dive into Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) we’ve got you covered.


We offer a number of courses and workshops aimed at bringing your teams up to date and ready for modern day software development.

Agile and Lean Processes

Whether you need a high level introduction to the basics of Agile software delivery or an in-depth workshop on how to apply Systems Thinking and the Theory of Constraints in your day to day work, we can provide the right level of training for you.

DevOps Principles and Practices

The term “DevOps” means different things to different people and seemingly everyone is just adding the word “Ops” to everything they do.

We can explain to you, in plain english, the fundamental principles, why you should care about them as well as the core practices and what is necessary in order to adopt them.

Automation Workshops

Automation is a key capability of any high performing organisation. If you are looking to introduce continuous delivery processes, find ways of deploying your infrastructure using code or want to bolster your regression tests via UI browser based testing practices - then look no further for a one stop shop that is able to deliver on all of the above.

Behaviour Driven Development Workshop

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