Behaviour Driven Development

Mastering Behaviour Driven Development with SpecFlow

This local, instructor-led live 3-day training course will give you and your team the skills to master Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using SpecFlow.

Day 1: Capturing requirements with Given/When/Then

Day 1 is all about how we capture and define requirements and is aimed at anyone looking to further understand the principles of BDD including managers, stakeholders, business analysts, developers and testers. On day 1 we do not look at code so this first day is great for a refresher or non-developers.


  • Introduction/Refresh on Behaviour Driven Development
  • Specification by Example - the role of examples when creating specifications
  • Given/When/Then through examples - looking at good and bad scenario writing patterns
  • Essential data - including data in scenarios
  • Ubiquitous language - a language that everyone understands
  • Scenarios vs Tests - the difference between illustration and coverage
  • Structuring scenarios - finding the right structure for our living documentation

Day 2: SpecFlow Scenario Automation Core Concepts and Patterns

Day 2 introduces the core concepts and key patterns of SpecFlow and is aimed at anyone that will be working and implementing specifications on a daily basis converting business requirements into automated steps to validate system behaviour.


  • Introduction to SpecFlow
  • Introduction to the scenario automation workflow
  • Working with DataTables
  • Sharing state (data) between steps
  • Organizing step definitions
  • Automating external interfaces - introducuing UI automation
  • Accessing state through external interfaces

Day 3: Advanced SpecFlow Techniques

On day 3 we delve into some of the more advanced concepts of using SpecFlow to help manage automation of more complex scenarios


  • Managing data in the scenarios
  • Managing baseline data
  • Improving feedback from scenario execution
  • Structuring the automation layer
  • Testing asynchronous behaviour
  • Multiple automation layers

We are listed as a SpecFlow trainer: https://specflow.org/trainers.

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